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When coming up with the name for my website I kept thinking of all these very heavy names which were not really translating what I wanted to offer. I discovered, whilst having a cup of coffee, that my own name Maria summarized what I can do: 


Marketing Automation Revenue Increase by Analytics = M@RIA.


I am an accomplished Manager with an interest in dynamic companies in a fast-paced environment. I have lived in New Zealand for over 25 years.  

Maria Kay - Marketing Consultant Christchurch

I have experience in marketing and web design functions with an emphasis in digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRMs), partner relationship management and implementation of business processes, information systems and business solutions.


I am a senior manager with experience in key stakeholder’s reporting and management, product and customer management and international relations.

I am also a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand.

Maria Kay

Great marketers have immense empathy for their audience. They can put themselves in their shoes, live their lives, feel what they feel, go where they go, and respond how they'd respond. 

Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz, Moz

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